The Pro-Stat Gun brand has been developed to launch a new cordless intrinsically safe static eliminator to replace the cabled versions currently being used in the Automotive Refinish industry.

To the best of our knowledge all current cable versions do not comply with the new IECEx regulations currently enforced for electrical products used in flammable zones such as the spray booth/cabin.

Designed for easy use in the body shop the Pro-Stat gun uses lithium polymer batteries to generate high voltage ionisation to neutralize static electricity built up on the surface of the vehicle during the preparation process. Fully compliant with IECEx for North America and the ATEx directive for Europe, this compact portable unit will allow you to use it in any part of your business, negating the restrictions of cabled versions.

The benefits of the Pro-Stat gun are numerous:

We can help solve the following problems when related to static:

  • Color Matching Issues (plastics to metal)

    Have you ever experienced a situation during painting plastic bumpers alongside a metal panel where the plastic appears a different colour tone to the metal panel?

    Due to the much higher static charge in the plastic it is a fact that paint particles stand up offering a different visual effect to the metal panel where the paint is lying flatter.

  • Dust and Dirt Contamination

    The most common visual effect that static has is the attraction of dust and dirt particles that stand out once the clear/lacquer has been applied.

    The simple reason for this is that static will attract any particle within its vicinity, therefore, the higher the charge, the more contamination which is why plastic components are more highly affected than conductive parts.

  • Tack Rag Marks/Blending etc

    Static comes in both positive and negative charge, when this charge has both negative and positive poles color matching issues arise, especially when painting light colored metallic paints like silver, the static will pull and push the paint particles around leaving an uneven coverage, resulting in patchiness, tack lines and other uneven problems.

    If you would like to find out more or try the Pro-Stat Gun, contact us, we look forward to helping you making your paint shop more profitable!